The Global Trance Angels Podcast EP 37 with Dj Mantra [Trinidad & Tobago]

FEAT. TRACKS & REMIXES BY: 4 StringsCosmic GatePaul Van DykAlex M.O.R.P.H. & OTHERS

Full Tracklist:

1. Farius – Echo Chamber (Original Mix)
2. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Extended Mix)
3. Claus Backslash – Full Emotions (Extended Mix)
4. Gaia – Saint Vitus (Extended Mix)
5. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Heart of Life (Skylex DUB Remix)
6. ReOrder – Together We Are (Extended Mix)
7. Andre Visior – Spirits (Original Mix)
8. Ben Gold – Kingdoms (Extended Mix)
9. Solarstone With Meredith Call – I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
10. Talla 2XLC – Keep the Fire Burning feat. Carl B & Katie Marne (Extended Mix)
11. 4 Strings – Beneath The Stars (Original Mix)
12. Activa – Luminosity (Extended Mix)
13. Manuel Rocca & illitheas – Enchanted (Original Mix) [THE GLOBAL TRANCE ANGELS TUNE OF THE MONTH]
14. Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar – Stronger Together (Extended Mix)





Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – Ho Gaya Hai Tujkho [Dj Mantra’s Lean On Mix]

DDLJ - Ho Gaya Hai Tujkho [Dj Mantra's Lean On Mix]
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MP3 Download Link:[Dj_Mantra’s_Lean_On_Mix].mp3

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‘Desi-Fied!’ Episodes 1-10 Download Links


‘Desi-Fied!’ ALL Episodes 1-10 Download Links. Discover New Artists & Enjoy Great Desi Music wherever you are, in your car, on your mobile device, music player or laptop. Streaming is also available from the links & at

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 01’Desi-Fied’_Episode_01_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 02’Desi-Fied’_Episode_02_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 03’Desi-Fied’_Episode_03_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 04’Desi-Fied’_Episode_04_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 05’Desi-Fied’_Episode_05_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 06’Desi-Fied’_Episode_06_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 07’Desi-Fied’_Episode_07_-_Club_Bollywood_SKY.FM.mp3

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 08

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 09

Dj Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 10

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What’s Playing on my Deck? – Surjit Khan: Tere Long Da


Dj Mantra talks about the idea behind his new video series & plays ‘Tere Long Da’ by Surjit Khan from the album ‘Cut Like A Diamond’ by Diamond Cut Djs”

Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 10 [11.10.2013]


Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 10 [11.10.2013]
In this Episode Music from:  Jaz DhamiKuljeet ChouhanMiss PoojaNindy Kaur , EDM Remixes from the Bollywood Movie Soundtrack of Chennai ExpressYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the Panjabi Movie Soundrack of Power Cut + Lots more heavy Desi Music! 

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Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 09 [02.08.13]

Mantra presents: 'Desi-Fied'

Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 09 as Aired on
In this Episode Music from: Panjabi Hit Squad, Bally Sagoo, Dj Sanj, Banger , Dj NYK + more!

Watch on Livestream:
Listen on Soundcloud: 

Maximum Trance [Vol. 3] mixed by Dj Mantra [Trance Classics]


The 3rd installment of the Trance Classics Series: ‘Maximum Trance’ with music the likes of :
Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Activa, Giuseppe Ottaviani, + more.

Listen @

Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 08 [05.07.2013]

Mantra presents: 'Desi-Fied'

Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 08 as Aired on
In this Episode Music from: Bally Sagoo, A.S. Kang, Diljit Dosanjh, Jay Status + more!
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Maximum Trance [Vol. 2] mixed by Dj Mantra [Trance Classics]

maximum-trance-vol-2The 2nd instalment of the Classic Trance series ‘Maximum Trance’. Featuring Classics from:
Rank 1DJ 4 StringsTiëstoYahel, Armin van BuurenJustine Suissa + others!

Listen here on Mixcloud:

Maximum Trance [Vol. 1] mixed by Dj Mantra [Trance Classics]

Here’s some Classic Trance from the archives mixed back in 2002 more than 10 years ago before I bought my first pair of decks! Enjoy the first volume of tunes & remixes the likes of legends: TiëstoArmin van BuurenCosmic Gate (official)Marco VAstral Projection (Official).Delerium + others.

Maximum Trance!

Listen on Mixcloud here: