Will You Marry Me – Sohniye [Mantra Remix]

Title: Sohniye [Mantra Remix]
Genre: Trance
Soundtrack: Will You Marry Me
Vocals: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Original Music Director: Sachin Gupta, Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri
Lyricist: Turaz, Shabbir Ahmed, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Shabeer Ahmed, Sakina Khan

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Lyrics & English Translation:

Jaane Kyun.. 
Har Ek Raah Mein Yeh 
Nazarein Meri.. 
Dhoondti Hain Tujhe 
Jaane Kyun.. 
Har Ek Raah Mein Yeh 
Nazarein Meri.. 
Dhoondti Hain Tujhe

[I Dont Know Why My Eyes Search You In Every Path]

Jo Kuch Bhi Tha Kabhi Woh.. 
Hai Aaj Bhi Yahaan 
Hum Bhi Khade Hai Yahin Par 
Bas Ek Tu Hi Hai Kahan

[Whatever Was There Still Is, I Too Am Standing Here, Just You Are Absent]

Soniya..Dil Todhna Hi Tha 
Toh Bata Dil Kyun Lagaya 
Soniya Ek Vaari Aa Bhi Jaa 

[Beloved, If You Had To Break My Heart, Then Why Did You Love? Beloved, Come Once]

Sar Par Milon Dhoop Hai 
Chawon Na Hai Kahin Raah Me(x2)

Tapti Ret Pe Phirte Hain 
Hum Toh Teri Hi Chaah Mein 
Kyun Mere Tute Khwaab Ko 
Mojon Ne Sahil Pe Laa Diya 
Ab Toh Khuda Se Hai Dua 
Mere Pyaar Ka Karde Haq Ada

[There Is Sunlight Overhead For Miles, There Is No Shade In The Way, 
I Roam Over Scorching Sand, In Your Desire,

Why Did The Waves Get My Broken Dream To The Shore? 
Now I Pray To The Lord Only To Return The Right Of My Love]

Soniya..Dil Todhna Hi Tha 
Toh Bata Dil Kyun Lagaya 
Soniya Ek Vaari Aa Bhi Jaa 

[Beloved, If You Had To Break My Heart, Then Why Did You Love? Beloved, Come Once]

Ek Kaanch Ki Haan Gudiyaa Thi 
Pathar Ke Dil Se Pyaar Tha 
Tuti Woh Is Tarah Se Ke 
Haathon Mein Naa Ikhtiyaar Tha 
Dil Wahannnn..Dhoondta Hai 
Jahan Pe Humne Vaade Liye 
Sajde Jahan Pe The Kiye 
Main Tanha Hoon Aaj Bhi Wahan

[She Was A Doll Of Glass, She Had Loved The Heart Of Stone, 
She Broke In Such A Way That, There Was No Control Over The Hands, 
My Heart Looks For You Where We Had Promised, 
Where I Had Bowed In Front Of You, I Am Still Lonely There]

Soniya..Dil Todhna Hi Tha 
Toh Bata Dil Kyun Lagaya 
Soniya Ek Vaari Aa Bhi Jaa 
Soniya.. (x3)

[Beloved, If You Had To Break My Heart, Then Why Did You Love? Beloved, Come Once]

About Dj Mantra I Trinidad & Tobago

Mantra is a pioneering force behind the landscape of Trinidad & Tobago’s Electronic Dance Music, Desi & Bollywood culture as an ambassador from the Caribbean Islands to the rest of the world. Quoted by The Trinidad Guardian as having ‘a calm spirit that transcends into his love for music’, he personifies the concept of the word “Mantra” - The creative projection of the mind through sound, which is his methodology for connecting the energies of himself to his audiences via sound vibrations, rhythms, beats and melodies within his musical offerings. An accomplished musician trained in Indian Classical Music from the early age of 9 at Bharatiya Vidya Sansthaan Institute of Indian Knowledge, Mantra’s musical career spans 2 decades; Adding Disc Jockeying, Remixing and Music Production onto his musical talents from the year 2007 prior to his childhood, teenage and young adult years contributing to the cultural framework of Trinidad & Tobago’s East Indian Heritage. A past student of Guinness World Record Holder Pianist - Charles Brunner and other Broadcast Training Institutions, Mantra’s musical influences draw from a wide range of world artists spanning various global genres the likes of Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Bally Sagoo, Panjabi MC, Rishi Rich, Apache Indian, A.R. Rahman, Dr. Dre, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren & Tiesto to name a few. His initiation into disc jockeying began in 2007 blending his personal musical influences with native Caribbean sounds such as Reggae, Dancehall and Soca as a finalist in the Heineken Green Synergy Dj Competition, being recognised as the only entrant supporting (by then) his favourite sub genre of Electronic Dance Music – ‘Trance.’ Following this, his first full public appearance came promoting the event “TranceFormation” working with other musicians and local Djs in contributing to the growth of Electronic Dance Music culture in Trinidad. THE EDM MANTRA: In 2009, Mantra founded a Global Brand that would showcase respected and upcoming talent from across the globe while promoting talent from his country Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean Region to the Electronic Dance Music world. The Global Trance Angels was born: A company providing Electronic Dance music promotion and events which continues to contribute to the development of the Electronic Dance Music community in Trinidad & Tobago and the world at large. Leon Bolier, Jon O’ Bir, Bjorn Akesson, Tom Colontonio, Lemon & Einar K, Indecent Noise, Eddie Bitar, Garry Heaney, Jamie Walker, Walsh & Mcauley, Nifra, Paul Trainer, Akira Kayosa, Orla Feeney and Raneem are just some of the world’s most respected Electronic Dance Music Artists that have been featured alongside Mantra on The Global Trance Angels Podcasts which are aired on India’s Leading Global Electronic Dance Music Radio Station - Tenzi.FM. (http://www.tenzi.fm/) Mantra has also made appearances on several other Electronic Dance Music radio stations such as SSRadio, Pure.FM, Deviant Audio & Club Dv.FM as well as at various major nightspots in Trinidad including the Space La Nouba Nightclub. THE DESI MANTRA: A descendent of indentured forefathers from India to Trinidad, Mantra possesses a Deep Love for his Desi Roots. He strongly values the traditions of Indian Classical Music, Dance & Culture and believes that both Indian & Western Classical Music are the foundation for both musical & cultural stability and growth as he continues to owe the development of his talents to his cultured roots. In 2008 his ‘Desi Destruction’ Series showcasing trending Desi, Urban Asian, Bhangra & Bollywood music as well as his very own Remixes were picked up and aired by South Africa’s #1 Desi Radioshow ‘Klub Kulcha’ on Lotus.FM with host DJ Elvis. Since then his ‘Desi Destruction’ Series & Remixes have become a worldwide success and a staple to ‘Klub Kulcha’ gathering many fans from South Africa, The United Kingdom, India and many other parts the globe. His remixes and mixes have also been featured on Australia’s ‘The Desi Networks’ Radioshow in 2012. Mantra has now launched his own Radioshow ‘Desi-Fied!’ and now residents along with India’s Top Djs on one of the largest online radio stations (sister station to Digitally Imported Radio) - Sky.FM on the Club Bollywood Channel (http://www.sky.fm/clubbollywood) where he showcases New & Cutting Edge Desi Music, U.K. Bhangra, Urban Asian & Bollywood based Electronic Dance Music. With a well rounded persona of both Musician and DJ/Producer, yet another aspect of Mantra’s musical endeavours is set to be unleashed. As the story unfolds, share in the experience of what’s next as his musical journey continues.....

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