Bally Sagoo – Future Shock CD [2013]

My biggest inspiration for getting into Djing since a kid.
Big thanks to the Legendary Bally Sagoo & Fresh Dope Records!
Check out Bally’s new album ‘Future Shock’ in stores now.
Official Tracklisting:
1. Future Shock Intro
2. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza)
3. Marjaana Dil (feat. Sonu Kakkar)
4. Peg Peg (feat. Kashmira Qadir & Sunita Bhatti)
5. Koi Nahin Hai Mera (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav)
6. Peeke Nena Cho (feat. Gurlez Akhtar & Marvin B)
7. Thumpke Te Botle Khuldi (feat. Shahid Khan)
8. Jeena Nahin (feat. Tamara Menon)
9. Naam Poocheya (feat. Major Singh)
10. Koka (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav & I.T.)
11. Dil Jaan (feat. Indrani Bhattacherjee)
12. Sharabi Nena Waliye (feat. Jagdeep Parwana)
13. Kitha Tenu Pyaar Soneya (feat. Rupinder Handa & I.T.)
14. Heat Of Darkness (feat. Tamara Menon)
15. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza & Rimi Dhar) [Bombay Bronx Mix]
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Visit Bally Sagoo at:


Bally-Sagoo- Future-Shock-signed-Dj-Mantra-Trinidad-2

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