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The Global Trance Angels Podcast EP 39 with Dj Mantra [Trinidad & Tobago]

FEAT. TRACKS & REMIXES BY: ActivaDaniel KandiRadion6Sean Mathews & OTHERS

1. Damian Wasse – Magic Rain (Inspiration Mix)
2. Poshout vs Holbrook & SkyKeeper – Someday (Extended Mix) [TUNE OF THE MONTH]
3. Rapid Eye – Circa Forever (Radion6 Extended Remix)
4. Salt Tank – Eugina (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
5. Davey Asprey – The Dawning (Extended Mix)
6. Daniel Kandi, Forion – Holy Cow (Extended Mix)
7. Sean Mathews – Together (Extended Mix)
8. Steve Dekay – Amatista (Extended Mix)
9. UDM – Magenta (Extended Mix)
10. Jan Miller – Stem (Original Mix)
11. Activa – Generate (Extended Mix)
12. Ruddaz, Rub!k – Kiki (Extended Mix)
13. Emanuele Braveri & Robin Vane – Never Stop (Eximinds Dub)
14. R3dub – White Duston (Extended Mix)

The Global Trance Angels Podcast EP 38 with Dj Mantra [Trinidad & Tobago]

FEAT. TRACKS & REMIXES BY: Daniel Kandi4 StringsFerry CorstenMiroslav Vrlik & OTHERS

1. 4 Strings feat. Fridolijn – What Matters Most (Original Mix)
2. Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – Neba (Original Mix)
3. Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella – Anahera (Extended Mix) 
4. Daniel Kandi vs Exouler – New Way (Extended Mix) [THE GLOBAL TRANCE ANGELS TUNE OF THE MONTH]
5. Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson and Sarah Russell – Survivor (Original Mix)
6. Sean Mathews – I Reckon (Extended Mix)
7. Miroslav Vrlik – Rise & Shine (Extended Mix)
8. Abstract Vision & Natalia Meister – Heaven (Dub Mix)
9. David Forbes – Jetpack (Original Mix)
10. Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In (2nd Phase Extended Remix)
11. DreamLife & Grande Piano – Lettera D’Amore (Original Mix)
12. Nabil – The Rain (Extended Mix)

The Global Trance Angels Podcast EP 37 with Dj Mantra [Trinidad & Tobago]

FEAT. TRACKS & REMIXES BY: 4 StringsCosmic GatePaul Van DykAlex M.O.R.P.H. & OTHERS

Full Tracklist:

1. Farius – Echo Chamber (Original Mix)
2. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Extended Mix)
3. Claus Backslash – Full Emotions (Extended Mix)
4. Gaia – Saint Vitus (Extended Mix)
5. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Heart of Life (Skylex DUB Remix)
6. ReOrder – Together We Are (Extended Mix)
7. Andre Visior – Spirits (Original Mix)
8. Ben Gold – Kingdoms (Extended Mix)
9. Solarstone With Meredith Call – I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
10. Talla 2XLC – Keep the Fire Burning feat. Carl B & Katie Marne (Extended Mix)
11. 4 Strings – Beneath The Stars (Original Mix)
12. Activa – Luminosity (Extended Mix)
13. Manuel Rocca & illitheas – Enchanted (Original Mix) [THE GLOBAL TRANCE ANGELS TUNE OF THE MONTH]
14. Paul van Dyk & Pierre Pienaar – Stronger Together (Extended Mix)





Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 10 [11.10.2013]


Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 10 [11.10.2013]
In this Episode Music from:  Jaz DhamiKuljeet ChouhanMiss PoojaNindy Kaur , EDM Remixes from the Bollywood Movie Soundtrack of Chennai ExpressYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the Panjabi Movie Soundrack of Power Cut + Lots more heavy Desi Music! 

Watch on Livestream:

Listen on Soundcloud:


Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 08 [05.07.2013]

Mantra presents: 'Desi-Fied'

Mantra presents: ‘Desi-Fied’ Episode 08 as Aired on
In this Episode Music from: Bally Sagoo, A.S. Kang, Diljit Dosanjh, Jay Status + more!
Watch on Livestream:
Listen on Soundcloud: 

Maximum Trance [Vol. 2] mixed by Dj Mantra [Trance Classics]

maximum-trance-vol-2The 2nd instalment of the Classic Trance series ‘Maximum Trance’. Featuring Classics from:
Rank 1DJ 4 StringsTiëstoYahel, Armin van BuurenJustine Suissa + others!

Listen here on Mixcloud:

Maximum Trance [Vol. 1] mixed by Dj Mantra [Trance Classics]

Here’s some Classic Trance from the archives mixed back in 2002 more than 10 years ago before I bought my first pair of decks! Enjoy the first volume of tunes & remixes the likes of legends: TiëstoArmin van BuurenCosmic Gate (official)Marco VAstral Projection (Official).Delerium + others.

Maximum Trance!

Listen on Mixcloud here:

Bally Sagoo – Future Shock CD [2013]

My biggest inspiration for getting into Djing since a kid.
Big thanks to the Legendary Bally Sagoo & Fresh Dope Records!
Check out Bally’s new album ‘Future Shock’ in stores now.
Official Tracklisting:
1. Future Shock Intro
2. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza)
3. Marjaana Dil (feat. Sonu Kakkar)
4. Peg Peg (feat. Kashmira Qadir & Sunita Bhatti)
5. Koi Nahin Hai Mera (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav)
6. Peeke Nena Cho (feat. Gurlez Akhtar & Marvin B)
7. Thumpke Te Botle Khuldi (feat. Shahid Khan)
8. Jeena Nahin (feat. Tamara Menon)
9. Naam Poocheya (feat. Major Singh)
10. Koka (feat. Madhvi Shrivastav & I.T.)
11. Dil Jaan (feat. Indrani Bhattacherjee)
12. Sharabi Nena Waliye (feat. Jagdeep Parwana)
13. Kitha Tenu Pyaar Soneya (feat. Rupinder Handa & I.T.)
14. Heat Of Darkness (feat. Tamara Menon)
15. Thori Ji Kori (feat. Harry Mirza & Rimi Dhar) [Bombay Bronx Mix]
Buy at:

Visit Bally Sagoo at:


Bally-Sagoo- Future-Shock-signed-Dj-Mantra-Trinidad-2

Brother Marvin – Jahaji Bhai (Brotherhood of the Boat) [Dj Mantra’s Indian Arrival Remix]

Brother Marvin - Jahaji Bhai (Brotherhood of the Boat) [Dj Mantra's Indian Arrival Remix]

Soundcloud Link:

Mediafire Download:

Dedicated to the forefathers of Trinidad & Tobago in Commemoration of  Indian Arrival Day – May 30th


Kumayayo Zindaweyo
Kumayay Zindawey Ayayo

I am the seed of mih father
He is the seed of mih grandfather
Who is the seed of Bahut Ajah [great grandfather]
He came from Calcutta
A stick and a bag on he shoulder
He turban and he kapra
So I am part seed of India, India.

The indentureship and the slavery
Bind together two races in unity [Achcha dosti – good friend]
There was no more Mother Africa
No more Mother India, just Mother Trini [Jananbhoomi]
My Bahut Ajah planted sugarcane down in the Caroni plain
Ramlogan, Basdeo, Prakash and I, Jahaji Bhai

Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai
Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai

I would be a disgrace to Allah if I choose race, creed or colour
Bahut Ajah had to make that journey for I to have Zindagee [life]
So it is a great privilege to have such unique heritage
Fifty percent Africa, fifty percent India, India

I have “do chuttee” two holidays
Emancipation and Arrival Day [Aant bhala so bhala]
Since Fatel Razack made the journey
150 years gone already [Bahut achcha -very good]
Whether you’re Hindu, Muslim or Christian
Let’s walk this land hand in hand
We could only prosper if we try as Jahaji Bhai

Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai
Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai

Kumayayo Zindaweyo
Kumayay Zindawey Ayayo
Kumayayo Zindaweyo 
O mera dost mera saathi [O my friend, my companion]
Chal tahalna ek matt [let’s stroll together]
Agal bagal…. [side by side]

For those who playing ignorant
Talking ’bout true African descendant
If yuh want to know de truth
Take ah trip back to yuh root
And somewhere on that journey
Yuh go see ah man in a dhoti
Saying he prayers in front of a jhandi, jhandi

Then and only then you’ll understand
What is ah cosmopolitan nation [Haat melawo – let’s join hands]
There’s no room for prejudice at all
United we stand, divided we’ll fall [Bete baat ko garro – child, pay heed to what I’m saying]
So to all races here in Trinbago
Aapko kalyan ho dhaniaho [May you be blessed, may you prosper]
Let us live as one under the sky, Jahaji Bhai

Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai
Brotherhood of the boat, Jahaji Bhai

Kumayayo Zindaweyo
Kumayay Zindawey Ayayo
Kumayayo Zindaweyo O mera dost mera saathi [O my friend, my companion]
Chal tahalna ek matt [let’s stroll together]
Agal bagal…. [side by side]

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The Global Trance Angels Podcast EP 34 [October 2012] with Mantra Ft. Indecent Noise Guestmix [Poland]

















THE GLOBAL TRANCE ANGELS Podcast EP 34 [October 2012] with DJ MANTRA [Trinidad & Tobago] Ft. Indecent Noise Guestmix [Poland] (Aired on Tenzi FM 24.10.2012)

Hour 1: Mantra [Trinidad & Tobago]
01. Faruk Sabanci feat. Josie – Wake Up (Original Mix)
02. Alexander Popov feat. Kyler England – My World (Original Mix)
03. Dennis Sheperd – Edge Of The World (Original Mix)
04. Carol Lee – Edge of a Broken Heart (Raneem Club Mix)
05. Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
06. Paul Webster – The Joker (Original Mix)
07. Gary Proud – Apollo’s Children (Original Mix) [Mantra’s Tune Of The Month]
08. Matt Davey – Believe In Me (Original Mix)
09. Tritonal feat. Jeza – I Can Breathe (Dan Stone Remix)
10. Dmitry Golban – Next Time (Original Mix)
11. Sneijder & Neal Scarborough Your Way (Original Mix)
12. Chapter XJ & Matt Bukovski vs PSY – Believe In Gangnam Style (Alex Vlasov Mashup)

Hour 2: Indecent Noise Guestmix [Poland]

01. David Moleon – 2012
02. Will Atkinson – Game Over
03. David Moleon – Red Moi
04. Jase Thirlwall – Freaked
05. ID – ID
06. Ozzy XPM – Left Behind (Will Atkinson Remix)
07. Eddie Bitar – ID
08. Paul Webster – The Joker(Original Mix)
09. ID – ID (Will Atkinson Remix)
10. Gary Proud – We Are
11. The Thrillseekers feat Stine Grove – Everything (John O’Callaghan Remix)
12. Eddie Bitar feat. Gabriela Canales – Home (Original Dub Mix)
13. ID – ID
14. Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Falcons (John O’Callaghan Remix)
15. Jase Thirlwall – Gobstopper (Indecent Noise Remix)
16. John Newall – Dropkick (Sneijder Remix)
17. Luke Terry – No Control (James Dymond Remix)


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